FREEMAN DYSON (1923-2020)

The great scientist Freeman Dyson (Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton), passed away in 2020. Both my father and I have interacted with Dyson. For my recollections on Freeman Dyson, see my article “Dyson Remembrance

Alladi’s Photos of Dyson

(L to R) George Andrews, Krishna Alladi, 
Freeman Dyson, and Mathura Alladi, at the 
Alladi House in Gainesville during a party in honor 
of Dyson – March 26, 2013.
Freeman Dyson delivering the 
Ramanujan Colloquium at the University of 
Florida. George Andrews, the sponsor of this 
Colloquium, is in the front row listening – 
March 25, 2013
(L to R) Krishna Alladi, Frank Garvan, 
George Andrews, and Freeman Dyson, at the 
Mathematics Department, University of Florida – 
March 25, 2013.
(L to R) Jemes Sellers, Freeman Dyson, 
George Andrews, Drew Sills, and Ae Ja Yee, on the 
campus of the University of Florida – March 26, 2013
(L to R) Drew Sills, Freeman Dyson, 
Krishna Alladi, George Andrews, and James Sellers, 
on the campus of the University of Florida – 
March 26, 2013
Dyson making a point during his 
Number Theory Seminar talk at the University 
of Florida – March 26, 2013

The August 2021 issue of the Notices of the American Mathematical Society contains a Memorial on Dyson with contributions from several eminent mathematicians and physicists. See PDF.

An abridged version of my Dyson Remembrance is included in the Memorial that appeared in the Notices of the AMS.