Reflections on M. V. Subbarao on his Centenary

Please click here to view my article on M.V. Subbarao. Below are select photographs of Professor Subbarao.

Prof. Subbarao with MATSCIENCE 
Director Alladi Ramakrishnan and Krishna Alladi, on 
22 December, 1972 (Ramanujan’s birthday)
Krishna Alladi, then a first year BSc 
student, with Professor Subbarao at MATSCIENCE, Madras, 
after the latter’s colloquium,  22 December 1972
Professor Vidyasagar (FRS) 
and Krishna Alladi at The Royal Society, London, during 
the {\it{Conference to Celebrate the Centenary of the 
Election of Srinivasa Ramanujan as Fellow of the Royal 
Society, October 2018}}