After MATSCIENCE was inaugurated on January 3, 1962 at the Old English Lecture Hall at the Presidency College of the University of Madras, the Institute was located for two years in a few small rooms at the Presidency College itself. In 1964, MATSCIENCE moved to occupy the upstairs of a certain building on the campus of the Central Polytechnic in the Adyar section of South Madras. Even then space was not enough because of the steady stream of visitors and the frequency of the seminars by eminent mathematicians and physicists which often drew a large audience. On January 20, 1969, MATSCIENCE moved into its new and permanent building in the Central Polytechnic Campus, now known as Taramami.

The world renowned mathematician Marshall Stone, Distinguished Service Professor at the University of Chicago, delivered the first lecture in the new building. Stone had visited MATSCIENCE previously as Ramanujan Visiting Professor in 1963 and also visited Alladi Ramakrishnan's Theoretical Physics Seminar at Ekamra Nivas in 1961.

To mark the First Anniversary of the new building, a symposium was held in January 1970 and this was inaugurated by His Excellency the President of India Shri V. V. Giri. Nobel Laureate Hans Bethe of Cornell University gave a series of lectures at MATSCIENCE in January 1970.


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